The lime is air-hardening inorganic bond materials, whose main component is calcium oxide. It is obtained by calcinating high content of limestone, dolomite, chalk, shells, etc., by 900 ~ 1100 ℃. And it is the earliest bond material of human applications. And it is widely applied in civil engineering, also be used in medical usages domestically. Thus, quite a lot of poetries about the lime from the ancient spread until today.

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Lime Processing Plant

1.Limestone, dolomite, chalk, shells and other materials with high calcium carbonate content 900-1100 ℃ after calcination to obtain lime;
2.If the size is bigger than the feeding size of the lime obtained by calcining lim,,we might need a small jaw crusher or hammer crusher;
3.After the broken material into the lime mill production systems, Milling, grading and other operations are completed within the mill automation;
4.Qualified sub-lime powder will be released by the discharge valve and packaging products;


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