Carbon black

Carbon black


Carbon black, also known as carbon black, is an amorphous carbon. Light, loose and very fine black powder with a very large surface area ranging from 10 to 3000 m2/g. It is a carbonaceous material (coal, natural gas, heavy oil, fuel oil, etc.) that undergoes incomplete combustion or thermal decomposition under conditions of insufficient air. And the product. The proportion is 1.8-2.1. It is called "gas black" made of natural gas, "light black" made of oil, and "acetylene black" made of acetylene. In addition, there are "slot black" and "furnace black". According to the performance of carbon black, there are "reinforcing carbon black", "conductive carbon black", "wearing carbon black" and the like. It can be used as a black dye for the manufacture of Chinese inks, inks, paints, etc. It is also used as a reinforcing agent for rubber.

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Carbon-black Processing Plant

The dehydrated and preheated feedstock oil enters the reaction furnace in a vaporized or semi-vaporized state, and the natural gas or gas is pressurized by a fan and sent to the carbon black reaction furnace, which is injected tangentially, and the air is pressurized by the air blower in the air. Under the preheater, preheat it to 350 ° C to enter the reaction furnace for atomization of raw materials and combustion, the raw material oil mist drops at 1500-1600 ° C, high temperature combustion gas, through a series of heat exchange equipment, cooled to 450 Celsius, sent to the cyclone and the bag filter, so that the carbon black and the combustion gas are separated, and the exhaust gas discharged from the bag can be used as boiler fuel to generate steam or drive the steam turbine to generate electricity, thus saving part of the energy. It also improves production efficiency. The carbon black collected by the wind separator 11 and the bag filter 12 is removed by the air sifter, and then sent to the granulation stage by the air delivery system. After the pulverized carbon black is granulated by the granulator 13, the squeegee is buried. The conveyor 20 and the bucket elevator 14 are fed into the carbon black silo via the magnetic separator 16, and the carbon black in the silo is weighed by the automatic weighing machine 21 and packaged in a paper bag manner.


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